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Welcome in our portal. On this website, we would like to introduce our LED products. SNI certified and made in Indonesia which have high quality, technology and also high performance.

LampuLED is a LED lamp distributor that is in a league of its own. LampuLED strives to outperform any lamp in the market in both performance and energy conservation, providing the world with cutting-edge lighting solutions with our optimized designs and combinations of optics, reflectors, and thermal analysis technology.

In LampuLED, not only do we have an R&D Centre specialized to stay in the frontiers of lighting technology, we have intricate collaborations with SIMTECH (A-Star affiliation) to help develop our state-of-the-art luminaires. We pride ourselves for going beyond where no other luminaires ever attempted.





High Mast

High Mast



The Optical Difference

The innovations of lenses and the reflectors enables accurate control of light, utilising the fundamental principles of reflective and refractive focusing to deliver compounded layers of intensified illumination.

With specially designed geometries of refractive light projection, LampuLED series of products is able to tackling extensive lengths of light throw at record-low energy levels. Glare is managed and reduced through the diffused output projection over the entire optic lens compared to conventional LED, often an unrefined point-source emission.

Our Competencies

  • Simulation and Optimisation Studies.
  • Customization of lamps & Special Design.
  • Solar Compatibility.
  • Smart Control System.

Product Parameter

Safety Consideration

  • Safety wire / chains to prevent fall from height.
  • Thread locks for secure fastening.
  • Flame retardant cables & seals.
  • 5G vibration considerations.
  • U-shaped 5mm thick stainless steel brackets.

Maintenance Consideration

  • Long life LED and Power supply configuration.
  • Heat sink gel of thermal conductivity 5W/mK, Aluminium PCB up to 3W/mK.
  • WAGO 2060/2061 Shock proof connectors.
  • Modular Design.

Quality Assurance

  • Meticulous heat management scanning of PCB and every single LED. Soldering Point Temperature (TSP) or COB case temperature (TC) verified with INFREC Nippon Avionic Co.Ltd.
  • Vibration Test.
  • Wind Test.
  • Salt Test.

Superior Performance

  • 15-25% lesser energy consumption against non-prismatic LED.
  • 15-25% lesser luminaires against non-prismatic LED.
  • For areal illumination at least 30-50% increase in pole to pole between high masts. Thus saving huge infrastructure costs.
  • For street lightings - up to 60m pole to pole.
  • For solar lightings - up to 25-30% reduction in solar panel and battery sizing.

Smart lighting control system

  • For street light and stand-alone industrial system/equipment such as high mast/QC/RMG/Airport Apron etc.







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